Director General Message

         I am really pleased to issue this message on the occasion of renewal of the website.   Trincomalee ATI has been progressively in existence since 1996 under the purview of SLIATE with its mission of creating excellent higher national diplomats with modern technology for sustainable development in a coordinated and integrated manner. It is noted that the ideological foundation of the institution is based on a personalized learning environment, advanced academic engagement, empowered educators, accountable leaders, engagement of the community, and an integration of high standards, curriculum, instruction, assessments, and supports. Further, the institute offers a nurturing environment meant to foster intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Students attending Trincomalee ATI have the unique opportunity to pursue the challenging academic courses like HNDA, HND in English, and HNDIT; and the advanced practical training or internship programme that lead the students for emerging professions of the 21st century. Moreover, the academic staff at the institute are truly committed to providing students with a quality education based on academic rigour and fullest support. They bring an environment with the creation, transmission, and dissemination of knowledge that reflects the diversity, values, skills, talents, and abilities of all the students. Thus, Trincomalee ATI gives you its best and I have no doubt that you will achieve your goals at it by showing your institute


Finally, let me extend my best wishes to you all for both personal and professional growth and a rewarding experience during your tenure at the ATI, Trincomalee.

Thank you.

Dr. W. Hillary De. Silva,
Director General,
Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education

Dr. Hilary De Silva

Director General - SLIATE
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