Higher National Diploma in Information Technology

The Higher National Diploma in Information Technology (HND-IT) program at Tthe Sri Lanka Institute of Advance Technical Education (SLIATE) was developed and commenced in the year 2000 with the objective of producing the middle level IT professionals required for the new millennium. The initial curriculum designed for the course was revised two times, first in year 2005 followed by the second in year 2007. However, both the revisions were of minor nature and did not affect the status core of the program. A major revision was done with the University of Moratuwa through the IRQUE project in year 2011. The course aims at school leavers with GCE (A/L) qualifications in Mathematics, Science, Accountancy and Arts streams. Candidates are selected through the order of merit in their GCE (A/L) examination and through an aptitude/ IQ test. According to the existing curriculum documentation, the aims and objectives of the initial course are stated as follows.
The course duration consisted of five semesters namely Semester I, Semester II, Semester III, Semester IV and Semester V, covered over a period of two and half calendar years. Academic activities were held during the first four semesters and during the fifth semester students were required to complete a full-time industrial placement. The duration of each semester was 15 weeks. From 2007 the program was planned to be offered through nine different institutes throughout the country under SLIATE. The program had a significant demand during the initial years but has started to face increased competition since there cent past from other parallel programs offered by the state and private sector institutions as well as from the external IT related degree programs offered by state universities. In a response to this situation in 2011 SLIATE has decided to go ahead with a major revamp of the program inclusive of a major curriculum revision through funding available under the World Bank supported “Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education (IRQUE)” project. In a parallel effort to this a second initiate was also taken to start another Higher Diploma program specializing in the area of Software Engineering through funding available from the Asian Development Bank supported “Education for the Knowledge Society (EKSP)” project. These two initiatives, even though supported by two different projects had the same common objectives of improving the relevance, quality and demand of the Higher National Diploma in Information Technology program offered by the Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education.

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